Nearshore / Offshore Electronics Manufacturing

Comtronic is a low-cost electronic magnetic components and assembly manufacturer located in its own Duty Free-Zone in Tegucigalpa, Honduras 

Operations commenced in 1990 by two British expatriates and additional Honduran shareholders as a Honduran Public Company with a vision to manufacture electronics for export taking advantage of parts requiring a high labor content in combination with low Honduran labor rates. 

After a successful start-up, Comtronic signed up in 1993 with Coiltronics, a Florida based company specializing in Magnetics, for the exclusive manufacture of their standard and custom products.

Today, the 136 strong Comtronic team are highly skilled and certified in the manufacture of magnetic components for several US based companies including the manufacture of transformers, inductors, chokes, and custom magnetics, many of which are used in the aviation and medical industries requiring zero defects and full traceability.  We also manufacture stators for electric motors and through-the-board components on PCB’s. 


In 1997 Comtronic moved into its own Duty Free Zone Factory of 45,000 square feet just 10 minutes from the Tegucigalpa International Airport, which is just a two-hour direct air flight from Miami or Houston on the U.S. Central Time Zone. 


Quality Policy 

Comtronic is committed to develop an organizational culture that allows for continuous product improvement and full customer satisfaction. We are ITAR and ISO-9001:2015 Certified,  J-STD-001 Soldering Certified and work closely to  FOD and 5S Standards. We are working to get AS9100 Certification Soon.

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Quality Assurance

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• Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security

• Mass-Transit and Commercial Transportation

• Medical Instruments and Devices

• Wind Turbine (eolic)

• Brushless Electric Motor


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Winding of Transformers and Inductors for different applications. 

Toroidal cores winding: by hand or machine using hook winders , Jovil or Gorman equipment.

Bobbin Winding for Transformers with several types and brands of winding machines and fixturing.

Wire gauges from 9 to 47 AWG winding capabilities.


Encapsulating of Transformers

Gapped and Ungapped core assembly

Epoxy Dispensing with automatic dispensing machines

Attaching of transformer and Inductor leads

Adhesive applications and Controlled Curing

Tape applications on transformers

Manufacturing and use of simple assembly fixtures


Visual inspection against customer supplied criteria

Visual inspection using magnifying lens, 10 to 30X stereo microscopes and video microscopes for 300X detail inspection with digital picture taking capabilities. 

Mechanical Inspection based on specifications supplied by the customer. Height, width, Diameter, Length, Depth, thickness, roughness, bond strength and epoxy hardness are some of the mechanical variables tested.

Electrical inspection comprises a number of test such as: DCR, inductance. Bias inductance, turns radio, phasing, hipot and Q.

A variety of precision test equipment is available for a multiple number of tasks and reliability testing.


Manufacturing Engineers with years of experience in Transformer and Inductor manufacturing.

Failure and Problem Analysis capabilities with 8D method.

Quality Inspection Plan (QIP)

Initial Sample Run (ISR) and PPAP capabilities for product introduction and design confirmation and approvals.

New product launch in-line training and ramp up capabilities for production implementation.

Line efficiency analysis, process improvement, time and motion studies and statistical analysis for overall process improvements. 

Centralized Document Control and Generation Capabilities (English and Spanish) for manufacturing method sheets, labor standards, bill of materials, drawings, engineering specifications and documented design changes.

Technical Report Writing Capabilities for customer support and feedback.

Bilingual: English and Spanish communication.



Low PPM’s, SPC analysis

Agility and Flexibility

Socially Responsible company 

29 years experience


Proximity to USA

Similar Time Zones

Low Cost Manufacturing

Bilingual Staff ( English / Spanish )

Turn -Key or Labor Only

Aerospace Experience


Low to medium volumes

Medium to High Complexity


Factory Production Space:  35,000 SQ FT/3,250 m2

Administration Offices:  5,500 SQ FT/510m2 

Cafeteria:  2,500 SQ FT/230m2

Stockroom:  3,800 SQ FT/350m2

Total:  46,800 SQ FT/4,350 m2

More space could be made available if necessary


Operators: 122

Line Supervisors: 2

Quality Auditors: 3 

Manufacturing Engineers: 1

Quality Engineers: 1

Maintenance Engineers: 1

Production Management: 2 

Logistics Management: 3 

Human Resources: 1 

Total Employees: 136


quality assurance

  • Incoming Materials Inspection and 100% Outgoing Inspection 
  • Standard Sampling Method C=0 for AQL plans.
  • SPC methods and software for process control and problem analysis.
  • Bilingual Quality Engineers to manage all different work centers quality and support customer related issues.
  • Trained auditors for process control, in-line support and reliability.
  • Calibration and R&R analysis performed by certified technicians in the Calibration Section under Quality Assurance Department.
  • Lot certification with traceability and corresponding data and SPC reports.
  • Continuous training to all other departments in quality related issues, quality tools, methodology and quality system maintenance.
  • Document Control Center available through Quality Assurance Department to control and distribute all engineering and ISO-9001 documentation.
  • Corrective Actions (CARs and SCARs) when needed, are initiated by Quality Assurance Department and properly followed up to maintain the quality system in place and respond to customer complaints.
  • 5S/FOD control


inventory control & purchasing

• Integrated MRP system for Inventory Control. 

• IRA: Inventory Record Accuracy @ 96.7 % average in the year to date.

• Regular Cycle Counts on software selected inventories to maintain IRA

• Documented procedures for all inventory transactions to correspond with ISO-9001.

• Connectivity via IP network with customer for all inventory records and transactions.

• Shelf life control with data base for all chemicals in use: epoxies, inks, varnishes, fluxes and others.

• FIFO according to applicable procedures.

• Safe chemical storage and disposal according to city regulations.

• MRB: materials review board meeting to disposition raw  materials according to customer procedures.

• Cold Storage in stockroom for proper storage of some chemicals.

• In-line customer supplied material control is performed by Material Auditors. 

• Purchasing Department for local and international purchasing



Got Questions? We Got Answers!

1) Where is Comtronic Located? Why ‘Near-Shore’?

Comtronic is located in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. Central America. Honduran time is same as US Central. We are Off-shore from the USA, but with the advantage of being only two hours flying time, we use the term Near-Shore.

2) What travel and freight connections are available to and from Honduras ?

By air direct flights daily to and from Honduras to Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia or Houston, Texas (American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta airlines). Also via one conexion to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Chicago.

By ocean: 5 days cargo vessel trip between Miami, Florida or Houston, Texas and Honduras.

3) What is the official language in Honduras, how do I communicate with you ?

The official language in Honduras is Spanish, however and due to the export nature of our business, all our executives, engineers and technicians are bilingual (Spanish-English), therefore, there would be no problem communicating with people in Comtronic. There are also plenty of people in Honduras who speaks English as a second language particularly due to the call-centers and the significant number of US off-shore manufacturing businesses and exports developed in the last 10 years in the Republic of Honduras.

4) What about ISO-9000 Certification, or AS9100 Certification?

Comtronic was originally certified in 1999 via Perry Johnson Registrars, Michigan. Comtronic is currently certified ISO-9000:2015 and audited regularly by Incontec International, Colombia.  We are moving ahead for AS9100 Certification hopefully before the end of 2019.

5) What kind of Company is Comtronic?

Comtronic is a Maquiladora type Manufacturing Company which means that we manufacture off-shore for US and other countries’ customers requiring contracted labor at a much lower cost than the counterpart in the United States and other countries in the area.

6) What are the main products manufactured by Comtronic?

Today Comtronic manufactures mainly Magnetic Components: Inductors and Transformers for US based customers. We are currently expanding our capabilities in the manufacture of plastics used in electronics assemblies, solenoids, electromechanical components and others in the electronic field.

7) How much does it cost to make a part in Comtronic?

The hour of labor at Comtronic is between US $ 4.00 - $US 4.25 depending on the complexity of the part. This labor cost per hour of manufacturing is a fully loaded cost, which means it includes all overhead, administrative cost and profit.

8) Does Comtronic´s price include transportation?

No, Comtronic´s price is FOB factory, then our client will have to pay transportation to a final destination, however, we do pay for all importation and exportation brokerage fees.

9) How do I ship raw materials to Comtronic?

To send raw materials to Comtronic, we consolidate with our freight forwarders in Miami who ship via air or ocean freight on a weekly or daily basis. Air transportation from Miami takes around 2 working days and ocean transportation takes around 5 working days.

10) What do I do if I need to rush a package to Honduras?

There are different courier companies available: DHL, UPS, FED EX, TNT and express packages arranged through the Airlines. Most can transport from the Domestic US to Honduras in 3 working days door-to door.

11) Is Comtronic a Free Zone Manufacturing Location (Zona Libre)?

Comtronic is a Free Zone manufacturing location, which means that all raw materials and finished parts imported and exported are DUTY FREE. This also means that we have a full time Custom Supervisor in the premises, which guarantee expeditious Custom clearance operations done in-house.

12) What about Customs in Honduras, is it a problem to import or export raw materials?

Customs in Honduras is not a problem. All Custom importation and exportations are handled expeditiously by Comtronic.

13) Do I have to pay any Duties when importing finished parts from Honduras?

No, You don't have to pay duties when importing finished parts from any country that is a participant in CAFTA such as Honduras, however, you may need to use a certified U.S. Custom Broker during the importation process in the U.S.A.

14) Who will be responsible for Custom Brokerage fees once the products get to the US?

The customer is responsible. As indicated Comtronic price is FOB factory.

15) What if I want Turnkey prices for any of my parts?

We will be glad to quote Turnkey prices if you send us drawings, specifications of the part(s) and a Bill of Materials with information of approved suppliers. A sample of the part is also very helpful. Samples could be prototyped to support the product development process free of charge.

16) How are processes controlled in manufacturing?

Comtronic follows strictly manufacturing processes and/or instructions (Standard Operating Procedures) when supplied by our clients and general workmanship standards. Manufacturing Method Sheets translated to Spanish are the most common mean to define and control processes in production, we also add photos and sometimes a video. In addition to following procedures, there is a qualified group of QA process auditors that monitor production in a continuous basis to ensure adherence to customer specifications. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is also an important tool in manufacturing and Quality Assurance used at Comtronic.

17) What about Traceability?

Yes, Comtronic collects data from quality tests, operator responsibility and traceability of materials by lot and week of production.  We are improving our traceability reports to comply with AS9100 certification.

18) What about small production runs or prototyping. Is Comtronic willing to work with me in product development?

Yes, we realize how important it is for our customers when they launch a new product to have the support in producing small runs and prototyping, therefore, we will be more than happy to assist our client in this kind of conditions and will gladly help in experimenting and estimating time standards at customer’s request.

19) Do I have to provide Comtronic with equipment, tooling and fixtures in the even we start a production contract?

Comtronic’s policy has been to own its equipment. Today we have ownership of about 92% of our total equipment inventory, however, how much equipment we are willing or capable to purchase for new customers will reasonably depend on the quantities, investments and extent of the business contracted. In some cases it is preferable to receive some specialized equipment from the customer in consignment while the business is starting and then consider purchasing when both parties deem adequate. As for tooling and fixtures, Comtronic has a machine shop to fabricate fixtures and would be glad to assist in fixturing any production line. Should you have any intricate fixturing work to do we may ask the customer to supply it.

20) What about respect for workers Human Rights and the Environment?

Comtronic believes strongly in respect as the foundation of our working society. We are constantly reviewing how employees are being treated, supervised, motivated and supported in their efforts to generate work and progress for the company, themselves and the society. Comtronic complies with all Honduras Health and Safety requirements.

Comtronic has a Honduran Environment Licence.

21) Can I obtain references from Comtronic’s present customers?

Yes, we would be pleased to provide contact information for serious inquiries.


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